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A reality born from research

The Matrix Family products are made in two plants that have no equivalents in Europe:

  • MATRIX® Plant #1, which has been operational for 17 years, in the Municipality of Lomello, in the Province of Pavia;
  • MATRIX® Plant #2, which has been operational for approximately 3 years, in the Municipality of Conselice, in the Province of Ravenna.

Both sites – with an overall production capacity of approximately 400,000 tonnes of Matrix® per year – are managed through a voluntary Environmental Management System certified to standard UNI EN ISO 14001 and both Plants has also been granted EMAS Registration (2006.
Relying on a comprehensive system of treatment, recovery and storage, the plants are used for the production of the Matrix Family products (a range of aggregates in different grain sizes), making them available for distribution to the Green Building market across northern and central Italy.
The two production sites implement highly-advanced MSW incineration bottom ash recovery technologies and environmental control systems, involving a complex cycle of treatment of incoming waste, at the end of which the products can be effectively classed as “End of Waste”.
The operations conducted in the Lomello and Conselice plants are regulated in their respective Integrated Environmental Authorisations, detailing the entire recovery cycle, by the completion of which the waste is transformed into an End-of-Waste industrial aggregate, to be used in various sectors of the building industry, in full compliance with the applicable technical and environmental legislation. In a virtuous cycle, MSW incineration bottom ash ceases to be classed as waste and becomes a replacement raw material that can be used reliably and repetitively on the market as a certified green-building product.

The researching Lab

Officina dell’Ambiente has been running its own chemical and technological laboratory in Lomello as from 2001, now serving both production plants. Fully-equipped and managed by qualified specialist personnel, the laboratory provides support to:

  • production activities, allowing to ensure compliance with environmental authorisation requirements independently
  • making it possible for quality checks on incoming waste and outgoing products to be run systematically
  • enabling Officina dell’Ambiente to carry out a rigorous scientific research on additional sustainable applications for the Matrix Family products, in the most diverse sectors of the building and construction industries in general.
oda laboratorio chimico tecnologico