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Product Certifications

Officina dell’Ambiente’s Production Control System has been certified to the requirements of Directive 89/106/EEC first and Regulation 305/2011 later since 2008. Certification was conducted by recognised building sector certification body ICMQ. ODA is able to offer a range of aggregates that carry the CE marking, indicating compliance with a number of technical standards for the construction industry. Currently, 5 Matrix Family products carry the CE marking under the following harmonised technical standards: UNI EN 12620, UNI EN 13139, UNI EN 13043, UNI EN 13242.

EPD® certification

In March 2013, ODA obtained from Bureau Veritas validation of its EPD® (Environmental Product Declaration) for its products Sand Matrix and AGMatrix.
This was the first and only case in Europe of an EPD® applied to manmade building aggregates and is now a reference for Green Building. The in-depth life cycle study and rigorous assessment carried out by ODA through the LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) methodology have allowed to determine the actual performance of the Matrix Family products in terms of their environmental aspects, that is of their interaction with the environment.

The REMADE in Italy® certification

In 2015, Matrix® became the first IBA recycled aggregate in Italy to obtain the REMADE IN ITALY® Environmental Certification for its products Matrix Standard, Sand Matrix® and AG Matrix®. The REMADE IN ITALY certification is specifically mentioned as proof of recycled content – for both construction works as a whole and individual components – in the Minimum Environmental Criteria for public procurement calls for tenders issued by the Italian Ministry for the Environment.

Matrix and Reach

EU Regulation 2006/1907/EC, better known as REACH, is the EU standard establishing the criteria for the Registration, Evaluation and Authorisation of Chemicals. The public body responsible for verifying compliance with REACH requirements and issuing the relevant sale authorisation is the Helsinki-based European Chemicals Agency (ECHA). The ECHA-issued document “Guidance on waste and recovered substances” (Rev. 2, May 2010) establishes that Secondary Raw Materials whose chemical composition is more important than the shape of the product must be regarded as Mixtures.
For the purposes of the REACH Regulation, the Matrix® products are classified as Mixtures and, as such, are subject to compliance with the related Registration obligations.
At the end of an in-depth review of the Regulation, in 2010, we were able to establish that four out of the Matrix main components are subject to Registration requirements: calcium carbonate and iron oxides, aluminium and calcium. The bureaucratic procedure lasted over 2 years and reached its crucial stage on 30/11/2010, when the registration dossier was sent out. The four substances have now obtained final registration, with the numbers indicated in the table below.

Substance Submission Number ECHA Registration Number
Al2O3 JY596698-77 01-2119529248-35-0153
Fe2O3 VP596713-99 01-2119457614-35-0067
CaO GD596706-33 01-2119475325-36-0215
CaCO3 UW596704-85 01-2119486795-18-0114

Officina dell’Ambiente and the ISO 14001 and EMAS certifications

Officina dell’Ambiente’s plant has been certified to standard UNI EN ISO 14001 since 01/02/2005 for its activities relating to the “treatment and recovery of non-hazardous special waste through weighing, unloading, storage and manual and mechanical separation”. Certification was conducted by prestigious international certification body DNV GL.
In 2006, the Lomello site also obtained EMAS Registration (IT-000555) under EU Regulation 761/2001/EC (now EU Regulation 2017/1505/EU). The Conselice plant obtained certification to UNI EN ISO 14001 in 2016 and will be completing its process for EMAS Registration in 2018.
The EMAS Registration is the highest recognised environmental certification available to companies in Europe and certifies our commitment to a systematic and comprehensive management of environmental aspects and external environmental communication. In order to obtain registration, Officina dell’Ambiente has developed two independent management systems, one for each of its two plants, comprising a set of comprehensive and systematic environmental procedures and controls for all its production operations, as well as a series of environmental monitoring plans approved and controlled by the regional environmental protection agencies.