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Beyond Circular Economy

Our credo: “an all-round Circular Economy”. Real, honest and sustainable. But also a new profit for all stakeholders. For this reason, we have always focused on the total and circular recovery of the IBA, the only raw material we treat, enhancing on the market its mineralogical and metallic component on the basis of a recycling model based on the traceability of the supply chain and sustainability of the final products.

What is Circular economy?

The European Community has long been greatly committed, on all levels, to an extremely important and far-reaching objective, aiming to improve living conditions for future generations: that of effectively managing and implementing the epochal shift from the current Linear Economy to a new Circular Economy.
Officina dell’Ambiente is keen to take part in this process fully.
The expression Circular Economy refers to an economic system that is able to self-regenerate.
A Circular Economy is created by adopting actions that seek to increase efficiency:

  • in the use of resources
  • in preventing or reducing the negative impact caused by the production and management of waste through recycling of the waste itself
  • in recovering wastes into subsequent industrial applications

Once they have become systematic, these actions will prove crucial to reduce Europe’s dependency on the importing of raw materials, preserving nthe natural capital,  and improve the overall environment in which we live and the well-being of citizens.
The circular economy is important for everyone because it represents an economic model capable of creating new opportunities for research, innovation, synergies and jobs, producing efficiency, savings and a new profit that comes from a virtuous circle.

MATRIX® and Circular Economy

Without needing to look far ahead into the future, Officina dell’Ambiente, with its Matrix Family products, has long been representing a concrete example of a Circular Economy business model in Italy.
Matrix is an EOW product obtained from the industrial treatment of MSW incineration bottom ash, leading to the almost complete recovery of its mineral fraction into the production cycles of cement and of other building materials and products, in partial replacement of natural raw materials.

A mandatory choice

Our choice to only treat one type of waste – so as to avoid any risk of accidental mixing with other types of waste with an unstable or incompatible composition, which could cause prejudice to the chemical and physical characteristics of our final product – allows us to guarantee total traceability of our recycled aggregates, full repetitiveness and maximum stability in terms of quality.
The Matrix Family, with its recovery of materials and systematic re-introduction in the building industry, is in perfect strategic harmony with the principles of a future Circular Economy and is fully consistent with recent technical and legislative developments in Green Public Procurement (GPP), as well as with the related Minimum Environmental Criteria established by the Italian Ministry for the Environment for public procurement in the building and road construction industries.

oda matrix circle

Matrix Circle

Our Matrix Circle concept, with its traceable circular supply chain, expresses our full subscription to the virtuous notion of a Circular Economy: from the production of day-to-day domestic waste, to the generation of bottom ash through incineration, to treatment in our plants, to reuse in production cycles for building products, Officina dell’Ambiente’s supply chain is an innovative and unique interpretation in Italy and in Europe of this innovative economic model.

Disruptive model

Our operations are the expression of a disruptive model, based on an innovative recovery methodology that leads to a 99.4% circular recovery of incineration bottom ash.
Our industrial plants and operating procedures enable us to recover the greatest possible portion of the reusable mineral fraction of bottom ash, while efficiently selecting and recovering also all the various types of metals that are contained in it. Unlike the other industrial models, Officina dell’Ambiente produces materials that are entirely reintroduced in downstream production cycles, in a controlled and traceable manner.


Our production philosophy is expressed through an emblematic statement: no recycling without traceability and awareness of use

  1. Matrix is a very simple product, in both industrial and application terms, featuring a repetitive chemical matrix that ensures totally stable technical performances;
  2. its production chain is fully and clearly traceable;
  3. Matrix meets all the mandatory technical standards for use in numerous sectors of the building industry;
  4. its use is totally safe and environmentally sustainable, thanks to constant monitoring of its environmental performances and a rigorous DoP, transferring full awareness of use to final customers;

EPD validation guarantees that the information contained in the Life Cycle Assessment study is truthful and allows to compare equivalent products (for example, with other natural or manmade sands), so that industry operators can make their choices based on environmental sustainability in addition to cost effectiveness.