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Our products are used in the most advanced Green Building constructions, thanks to their design compatibility, and are enhanced for the enduring environmental contribution they make to the ecosystem, thus preserving natural raw materials and making a positive impact on CO2 saving.
A suite of recycled materials unique in Europe, analyzed with a Life Cycle Assessment and certified according to the highest voluntary environmental standards, perfectly congruent with the sustainability parameters requested by LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) and BREEAM (British Research Environmental Assessment Method) .

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In the field of Green Building and of the sustainable certification of buildings, relating mostly to privately-owned construction projects, the LEED and BREEAM protocols obligatorily require the use of products with an approved and certified recycled content.
The MATRIX® Family products are fully compatible to earn credits toward the LEED® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) and BREEAM (British Research Environmental Assessment Method) certifications, the most important voluntary systems for the assessment of the energy and environmental performances of buildings.
Both schemes are currently used extensively all over the world and promote a sustainability-oriented approach, assessing the performance of buildings in key sectors, including energy and water savings, reduction of CO2 emissions, improvement of environmental quality of interiors, materials and resources employed, type of project and choice of site.
Responding to LEED and BREEAM requirements, MATRIX® is the only manmade aggregate in Europe to have obtained the EPD® certification (representing the highest environmental credential for maximising credits in such schemes) and can be described as a 100%-recycled product that remains fully sustainable throughout its life cycle and has been designed to minimise the environmental impacts of its use and ensure maximum environmental safety and safety of use in the construction industry.

green building matrix gpp compliant


The Matrix Family is in perfect strategic harmony with the principles of a future Circular Economy and is fully consistent with recent technical and legislative developments in Green Public Procurement (GPP), as well as with the related Minimum Environmental Criteria established by the Italian Ministry for the Environment for public procurement in the building industry (soon to be issued also for the road construction industry).
MATRIX® incorporates the most advanced voluntary technical standards in the environmental field. In addition to the Environmental Product Declaration (EPD®), presenting comprehensive information on the environmental impacts identified through the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), MATRIX® has also obtained Product Certification under the ReMade in Italy scheme. Both certifications are specifically required as part of the Minimum Environmental Criteria.
Displaying the highest certification credentials required in relation to GPP, use of the Matrix Family products contributes to achieving the highest scores in terms of recycled products in the most financially-advantageous calls for tenders.