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Together, for sustainability

partnership eco trade

MATRIX® is an EOW product that is able to ensure significant savings in terms of consumption of newly-extracted raw materials and CO2 production in the industrial firing processes in which it is used. For this reason, Officina dell’Ambiente has long been working in close cooperation with Genoa-based company Ecotrade, specialising in the recovery of waste and CO2-free by-products, such as fly ashes and blast furnace slag, into the production of cement and concrete, as replacements of clinker.

partnership smr polska
SM Polska

Aiming to extend and control its entire MSW incineration bottom ash supply chain, ideally becoming a fully-fledged Urban Mining company, Officina dell’Ambiente has expanded its operations abroad, with its Poland-based subsidiary SM Polska, specialising in the recovery of ferrous and non-ferrous materials, partly derived from the MSW incineration bottom ash treated in the Lomello and Conselice plants.

partnership crm centro materia rinnovabile
Centro Materia Rinnovabile

In view of a future Circular Economy, Officina dell’Ambiente has undertaken a close cooperation with Milan-based Centro Materia Rinnovabile (Renewable Matter Centre), of which it became a shareholder in 2017. A spin-off of prestigious international magazine RM, entirely dedicated to the Bioeconomy and Circular Economy, the Centro Materia Rinnovabile is basically a think tank, seeking to offer guidance and practical solutions to companies who wish to do more to recover the waste produced by their operations. For a few years now, together with Edizioni Ambiente, various trade associations and organisations and a few so-called good-practice partners, including Officina dell’Ambiente, the Centro Materia Rinnovabile has been conducting research activities recognised by the Italian Ministry for the Environment and aiming to facilitate exchange between the demand and offer of recycled materials in the building and infrastructure supply chains. The background for the initiative consists of various elements, including the EU’s strong focus on a Circular Economy, that is on all those practices that advocate the use of “renewed materials” (recovered, recycled, reused or reinvented), such as MATRIX®, in replacement of primary resources, such as natural quarried materials.

partnership pavenco pavement engineering consulting
Pavenco Pavement Engineering Consulting SRL

For the purpose of promoting the systematic and correct use of MATRIX® in road design and construction, Officina dell’Ambiente has entered into a long-term partnership with Pavenco Pavement Engineering Consulting srl, an engineering company, with its own in-house laboratory, specialising in the engineering and testing of road construction materials. The goal of the cooperation – in a context of compliance with technical industry requirements and environmental standards – is that of developing solutions for the use of Sand MATRIX® in bituminous conglomerates and road foundation layers, ensuring the necessary technical support to end users.

partnership greenwich sustainability consulting

Another cooperation on engineering and application solutions in the Green Building industry is that between Officina dell’Ambiente and Greenwich, a Milan-based company specialising in the LEED, BREEAM and WELL certifications (now dictating engineering, construction and rating standards in green building all over the world). The partnership’s objects include application studies and environmental profiling for the MATRIX® products in relation to the most important green-certified construction projects in Italy.

Renergetica S.p.A.

Officina dell’Ambiente , with the aim of deepening and extending the issues of the CircularEconomy and discouraging the production of CO2, has undertaken a collaboration with Renergetica S.p.A. , a company listed on the AIM Italia market of Borsa Italiana, specialized in the development of renewable energy projects worldwide and design of hybrid power generation systems. Renergetica owns its own plant portfolio and it is active in the sale of asset management services as well as in the innovative smart-grid market.