After several years of substantial stagnation of the CO2 price in the ETS (Emission Trading System)  during which, as a result of the economic crisis, the supply has always largely exceeded the demand, it is now evident a constant and substantial increase of its value, from € 7.30 / ton at the beginning of the year 2018 to € 21.50 / ton of these last days.
The issue has become very hot in view of the forthcoming renegotiation of credits and free allocation shares for the period 2021-2030.
Many companies with particularly energy-intensive businesses, such as cement production, have been adopting for some time a rigorous innovation policy aimed at reducing emissions.
This uptrend has contributed to shift the attention of end-users, historically oriented only to the replacement of raw materials, on the issue of emissions, with immediate repercussions not only on the marketing of Matrix – considering that its use contributes to reducing the production of CO2 LINK TO THE SITE SUSTAINABILITY SECTION SITE – but above all on the marketing of construction products made with the Matrix.