Green Building

Green Building: the development of buildings that are designed, built and managed in a sustainable and efficient manner, through a reduction in the use of natural, water and energy resources.

Green Journey

We follow a code of self-regulation to transform the mineral resources contained in bottom ash into Matrix® - a product for the building industry.

Green Research

We can count on a scientific research laboratory that works to identify new sustainable applications for our products.


Product quality, sustainability and traceability are the foundations of our business, serving primarily the building and construction industry.

Since 2001, we have been making secondary raw materials through the recovery of municipal solid waste incinerator bottom ash: a family of high-quality recycled aggregates that have been the first in Europe to obtain the prestigious EPD® (Environmental Product Declaration) Certification.

Used for many years by the main building and manufacturing industry operators, the Matrix® Family products are employed extensively in the most prestigious Italian projects certified under LEED®: the state of the art in building sustainability accreditation.

Our products also comply with the new Green Public Procurement (GPP) requirements, as well as with the Minimum Environmental Criteria (Criteri Ambientali Minimi -CAM) approved and published on the Italian Official Gazette of 21 January 2016, requiring the implementation of minimal environmental criteria for the new construction, renovation and maintenance of buildings. Mandatory criteria include the use of recycled materials and the provision of obligatory information on their environmental profiles, such as the Type III Environmental Product Declaration under Standard ISO 14025 (i.e.: the EPD) and the Self-Declared Environmental Claims under Standard ISO 14021, which AG Matrix® and Sand Matrix® have had for several years.

Tested in dozens of applications, safe and certified to EU standards, our products are an example of environmental, economic and social sustainability.

From acceptance of incoming bottom ash, to its processing in an EMAS-registered plant, to final use on site, the control and application process used for the Matrix® Family products has no match in Italy and can rely on a guarantee of total traceability of all recycled materials throughout the entire supply chain.